Saudi women and entrepreneurship

  • Description

  • Event: Saudi Woman and Entrepreneurship.
  • Date: November 4, 2018.
  • Organizer: Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University.
  • Presenter: Meznah Alnufaie.
  • Location: Lecture hall at collage of business administration.

Ms. Meznah talked in this one-hour workshop about Saudi women and entrepreneurship and how the government support Saudi women and she talked about her company “Riyadyat”, she specifically focused on importance of the entrepreneur women in the society.

  • Analysis of learning

The main key learning in this activity was about the importance of Saudi entrepreneur women.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is interested in 3 main subjects. One of the three subjects is high economics, in Saudi Arabia there is a high percentage of graduates (males/females) the female graduate’s rate is 59%.

Nowadays there’s huge opportunities and new jobs for graduates to look for. The government of Saudi Arabia is now looking after women rights more. And they also took interest in women through regulations and laws they put it to support entrepreneurship in the country.

The government supported women by offering the same services and finance as men.
But the government of Saudi Arabia look after women more and more for example: council of chambers (a platform for all business rooms) it has a committee to coordinate women jobs. This committee has ladies that cares about activating the role of women in economics. And they put a lot of rules and systems.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia government recently has taken into consideration the activation of the women working in the labor market, by applying a strict laws and rules to protect their rights and ensure the shar’iah regulation. Taken the private sector as an example to clarify this point, the company must establish a clear rule so that women can work in mixed environment without any problems. After establishing this, all fields of work in the private sector. advertising, marketing and consulting all these activities women are involved with. Moreover, Saudi Arabia now is trying to open the field for the women to be enrolled in the investment sector, Pioneering fields. It is obvious the efforts that Saudi Arabia is making to encourage and  support women to enroll in various fields including investment field, Of course we recognize the government’s interest in empowering women in this field by the regard of the regulations approved by the Council of Ministers. Moreover, this would help women work on and own projects and invest in it. The reason behind the government’s concern in this matter is that social culture and environment were not acceptable at that time. Accordingly, the chamber of commerce team has issued a coordination council to organize the work of Saudi women. The role of the coordinating council in the chamber of commerce is to increase the contribution of Saudi women in the labor market and work to assess women’s capabilities, support and develop the official relations to women’s work and to appreciate Saudi women ability to work and to most importantly to recognize the outstanding intellectual ability of Saudi women. As a result of this appreciation, we can clearly see the effect by recognizing the number of Saudi business women and their effectiveness in the past few years increasing interest of Saudi business women in investing in economic and entrepreneurial activities. There are 87,000 commercial records in one year issued by Saudi business women and nearly 100 women’s companies in just a year. Thus, business women in Riyadh, Makkah Al Mukarramah, Madinah, Jeddah and Taif have acquired high percentage of Saudi women entrepreneurs.

In Riyadh there were 20thousand commercial records for women, for example in Taif there were 4 k and in Makkah 5 k commercial records. As for leading women projects in kingdom about the activity of restaurants, real estate, tourism and the organization of events they effected.

The ministry of trade and investment supported the women entrepreneurs by reviewed and make new roles and programs that can help them Also their reviewed the programs that regulation and laws to activate the role of women in the field of economic and investment.

They also improve all its systems for men and women and the electronic transactions for business and investment.

They worked perfectly, and it was successful for them, they offer a website with all services that can help the women for example:

The ministry business performance improvement committee to facilitate the miras electronic platform and unified services. They also provided women centers to achieve them and help them to work and invest women are must work in everything they want.

Most women not manage their work and business it is wrong way. Women can work from their place like in her house or outside.

There is now a license for work to be a designer and manager, so they can use it.

Women in American and European countries have more chance and work always so now in Saudi Arabia they make them the ability to work and invest because of unemployment.

Every woman runs her own business to has better future.

  • Evaluation of learning

This workshop enabled me to know how important the leading women in society and the world are and how they affect the country’s economy and how the Saudi state and government have been concerned about women. And she explained to me that not every business was for profit.

I’m so proud of Saudi women.

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